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  • Start date: February 15
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The Venice Carnival is one of the most renowned international events of the world and has been held since 1162. It seems that the Carnival started as a way to express victory of the Serenissima Repubblica against the Patriarch of Aquileia. Since then it has become one of the major events of the world with thousands of tickets sold and many travellers that come to be part of this 4 day feast. The use of masks during the festival has been linked to a form of protest against the class hierarchies of that time.

No matter what your reason is to wear a mask, make sure that you get a really interesting one because the carnival is attended by scores of people, each with their own unique outfit.

Don’t miss the numerous thematic events that are held in clubs and pubs during the festival and a large number of crafting workshops and exhibition. But the most luxurious event is the ball at the Enchanted Castle where all the VIPs gather, dine and dance.

Extravagant costume at carnival of Venice

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